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Llyr (Lear), King of Britons
1. Bran, King of Siluria (a 36AD)
  A. Caradoc, King of Siluria
  i. 'Saint' Cyllin, King of Siluria
  a. Coel, prince of Britons (a 120)
(1) Lucius the Great (Lleuver Mawr), King of Britons (d 181)
  m. Eurgen (dau of Marius, King of Britons)
  (A) Gladys 'the younger'
  m. Cadvan of Cambria, prince of Wales
  (i) Strada the fair
  m. Coilus II, King of Cochester
  (a) Helen 'of the Cross' (d 328) HJY
  m. (div) Constantius Chlorus, Emperor of Rome (b 242, d 07.306) HJY



Cynan Medriadog 'Conan', prince of Powys (d 421)
1. Urbien, King of Brittany
  A. Salmon I , King of Brittany (d 434)
  i. Andrew, King of Brittany (d 464)
  a. Erich, Duke of Brittany (d 478)
  (1) Budic, Duke of Brittany (d 544)
  (A) Hoel I ('Rioval'), Duke of Brittany (b c491, d 545)
  (i) Rimo
m. Hoel II, Duke of Brittany (d 547)
  (a) Juduael - Alan I, Duke of Brittany (b 535)
  m. Azenor
  ((1)) Hoel III, Duke of Brittany
  m. Fratella (dau of Osoche I)
  ((A)) Judicael, Duke of Brittany (d 17.12.658)
  m. Morow
  ((i)) Alan II 'Ole Long', Count of Brittany (d 690)
  ((a)) Agatha HJY
  m. Idwal (Edward) of Gwynedd (d 712) HJY



(Gloui ??) of Glevum or Gloucester
1. Vitalinus
  A. Vitalis
  i. Vortigern, King in Britain (a 438)
  m. Rowena (dau of Hengist, King of Saxons in Kent) wife of Vortigern, presumed mother of ...
  a. Vortimer ('Kendivine Bendiged'), King in Britain, King of Gwent (d 457)
  (1) Pellinor or Pyll Mawr, King in Britain
  (A) Tegau Eurfron (sole heiress)
  m. Cradoc 'Vreichvras of Fraich Fras' (Strongarm), Lord of Gloucester
  b.+ other issue - Pascent, Catigern (d c455, King of Powys), Faustus

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